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MLB Free Agency 2011: Troy Tulowitzki Wants Michael Cuddyer On Rockies Too

The Colorado Rockies have been interested in signing free agent outfielder Michael Cuddyer, and franchise cornerstone Troy Tulowitzki hopes the team closes the deal. Troy Renck of the Denver Post is covering some team off-season workouts in Las Vegas, and the star shortstop opened up about his desire for the team to add a proven slugger like Cuddyer to the mix:

"I think our lineup is one of the better ones in the National League, but it would be huge to get another bat," Tulowitzki said Wednesday. "I have heard nothing but good things about Cuddyer."

via the Denver Post. Cuddyer is looking to make more than $30 million over three years, and so far the Rockies have made themselves finalists for his services by initially outbidding his former team, the Minnesota Twins, who offered three-years, $25 million and are now close to reaching an agreement with Josh Willingham.

The Rockies have been looking for an upgrade in left field and for a power right-handed bat to provide Tulowitzki protection in the lineup, and now appear to be bidding against the Seattle Mariners for Cuddyer's services. If they lose out on him, the team has targeted Carlos Beltran as the secondary option to fill their needs.

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