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Colorado Rockies Announce Chris Iannetta-For-Tyler Chatwood Trade, Ramon Hernandez Signing Coming

We've been getting a wave of reports over the past hour or so, but things have come together quickly recently. The Colorado Rockies recently announced on their official Twitter feed that they've traded catcher Chris Iannetta to the Los Angeles Angels for pitcher Tyler Chatwood, confirming previous reports.

Iannetta is expected to become the primary catcher in Los Angeles, while Chatwood gives the Rockies depth at the back of their rotation. It's worth noting that Iannetta's 2013 club option is voided by this trade, though, so he's essentially going to the Angels for one year at $3.5 million, which is obviously a bargain for a catcher of his caliber.

As for Ramon HernandezKen Rosenthal of FOX Sports is reporting that he'll be receiving a two-year, $6.5 million deal from Colorado. The general reaction appears to be pretty positive to the deal given how well Hernandez has played lately, as well as the bloated contracts handed out to the likes of Juan Rivera and Willie Bloomquist so far this offseason. 

This appears to be a pretty solid switch for the Rockies. Colorado likely views Hernandez as similar in quality to Iannetta, so in this situation they essentially replace the latter with the former over the next two years and happen to add a quality young pitcher, Chatwood, in the process. 

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