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2011 MLB Rumors: Rockies Not In On Rafael Furcal

The Colorado Rockies are somewhat likely to end up with a new second baseman going into next season, but Troy Renck of the Denver Post is reporting that the team isn't pursuing Rafael Furcal to fill that role. He adds that Furcal is seeking a two-year deal in the $16 million range, a commitment that the Rockies likely aren't interested in making.

For now, Colorado's primary options at second base are Jonathan Herrera, Chris Nelson, Eric Young Jr. and Brad Emaus, none of whom really inspires much confidence. The team acquired Mark Ellis from the Oakland Athletics during the middle of last season to shore up the position, but Ellis opted to sign a two-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers a few days ago.

Furcal certainly would've qualified as an upgrade at second base for the Rockies, but he probably wasn't a perfect fit anyways. A good deal of his defensive value comes from one of the best infield arms in recent memory, and that's not nearly as valuable at the keystone as it is at shortstop. I'd expect Furcal to have numerous offers to play shortstop regularly from other teams, and presumably that's his preferred position.

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