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Troy Tulowitzki Wins Second Straight Gold Glove Award

As many expected, Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki won his second consecutive Gold Glove award on Tuesday, labeling him the best defender at his position this season. The awards, voted on by MLB managers, were announced Tuesday night by Rawlings.

Tulowitzki, 27, is considered one of the game's elite defensive shortstops, and he joins Larry Walker and Todd Helton as the only Rockies to win multiple Gold Gloves. This isn't the shortstop's only award to recognize his defensive prowess, either, as he recently was awarded the Fielding Bible award as the game's best defensive shortstop by a series of experts led by John Dewan.

The shortstop also gets a bit of a monetary bonus for his efforts, too, as his contract calls for a $25,000 bonus if he wins the award. It's not much compared to his nine-figure contract, but I'm guessing that Tulowitzki doesn't play defense like he does to pad his wallet.

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