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Colorado Rockies Parting Ways With Kevin Kouzmanoff, According To Report

The Colorado Rockies are reportedly outrighting Kevin Kouzmanoff off the 40-man roster. He still could be brought back on a minor league deal.

Picked up at the end of August as a replacement at third base, Kevin Kouzmanoff will soon be off the Colorado Rockies' 40-man roster. According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Rockies are in the process of outrighting Kouzmanoff off the roster, sending him to free agency once he clears waivers.

The Rockies took a flier on Kouzmanoff in order to see if he could be a starter for the team there in 2012, but the results weren't all that impressive with the bat. He hit .255/.315/.398 with three home runs in 27 games for the Rockies. His fWAR (wins above replacement) with the Rockies was 0.0, making him the definition of a replacement player. And if we look at his wRC+ of 84, he was below average at creating runs in his short time with the Rockies (wRC+ is a scaled system where 100 is average).

However, the Rockies could be doing this in order to bring him back for spring training on a minor league deal. Had he stayed with the team, the Rockies would have tendered a contract around $4 million for the upcoming season. Kouzmanoff is not worth that much, though the Athletics had been steadily paying him that for most of the season.

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