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2011 Gold Glove Awards: Troy Tulowitzki A Finalist At Shortstop

ESPN announced that Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is a Gold Glove Award finalist.

ESPN is trying something a little different this year, melding its own ability for creating spectacle with Major League Baseball's Gold Glove Awards. At 8:oo p.m. MT on Tuesday night, the "Rawlings Gold Glove Awards Show" will air on ESPN2. The one-hour show will announce the Gold Glove winners at each position.

On Monday afternoon, ESPN announced the 2011 Gold Glove finalists at each position. Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki made the cut, and deservedly so, but Carlos Gonzalez did not; the Denver Post's Jim Armstrong couldn't believe it:

No CarGo among NL Gold Glove finalists? You gotta be kiddin'. Kid's the best I've ever seen, and I have a lot of company.

But it would hardly be a proper Gold Glove Awards show if there weren't plenty of second-guessing surrounding the nominations. Gauging defense is still something of an inexact science in baseball, and this award more than others tends to bring out the protests. That's certainly true in Denver, if Armstrong's reaction is any indication.

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