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Rockies, Jason Giambi Pick Up Mutual Option; Aaron Cook's Declined

The Colorado Rockies announced two moves on Monday morning: the team and first baseman Jason Giambi agreed to pick up the mutual option on his contract for 2012 while the option Aaron Cook's was declined. Neither move was unexpected.

Giambi, while not much of a first baseman any longer, has found a role as a pinch-hitter and clubhouse leader with the team. The Rockies did at one point consider trading him before the July deadline, but a trip to the disabled list prevented that. Instead, the Rockies kept him and said they wanted to pick up his option during the offseason. He will continue to serve in his role as a clubhouse guy and a teacher to the young hitters.

Cook's option was $11 million dollars and picking that up could not be justified after the continued decline in his performance. While he did miss two months of the season due to injury, Cook was never the great sinkerball pitcher we remember in years gone by. He might not have much more gas left in him to remain a starter, prompting a move to the bullpen elsewhere in the league.

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