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Colorado Rockies Announce 2012 Season Tickets Price Increase

What should a team that finishes 73-88 do in the offseason before free agency even starts? For the Colorado Rockies, it would be raising season ticket prices, as Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports. This is the first time the team will do this in four years.

This isn't the best way to win over fans following a losing season that started with so much promise. For a second year in a row, the Rockies disappeared in September and piled up the losses. And the backlash from trading Ubaldo Jimenez will likely stop some ticket holders from re-upping with the team.

The Rockies already return the same coaching staff that led the 2011 team to the black hole of nothingness. Add in that the team still hasn't decided, at least publicly, what it will do during the offseason, raising ticket prices compounds the many problems the team is already dealing with heading into the 2012 season.