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Mark Ellis Likely To Return To Colorado Rockies, According To Report

The Colorado Rockies started the 2011 season with Jose Lopez at second base and also had Jonathan Herrera as a backup option. Lopez was jettisoned after a month and Herrera proved to be a utility infielder. The Rockies eventually made a trade for Mark Ellis, who became the starter for remainder of the season. He is a free agent this offseason, but Jim Armstrong of the Denver Post believes Ellis will re-sign with the Rockies.

Ellis hit .274/.317/.392 in 70 games with six home runs. But at age 35 during the 2012, Ellis isn't the long-term answer to the Rockies' problems at second base. The Rockies could attempt to convert their minor league shortstops such as Hector Gomez and Rosell Herrera to second base, but that's somewhere in the ether right now.

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