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Colorado Rockies Tentatively Scheduled To Appear On Five Fox Broadcasts

Are the Colorado Rockies looking more attractive as a team to be nationally televised after recent offseason signings? The signings of Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez provide networks two players to discuss, given the risky nature of the players' long-term deals (10- and 7-years, respectively).

Tracy Ringolsby, of and other media outlets, tweets that the Rockies are currently scheduled for five appearances on FOX's national baseball broadcasts:

Rocks scheduled on 5 FOX national telecasst: May 28 vs. St. L, Aug. 13 at StL, Aug. 20 vs. LA Dod, Aug. 27 at LA Dod, and Sept. 10 vs. Cin

In previous years, FOX has either removed the team from the broadcast schedule or shifted them to only regional coverage. Unless the Rockies have completely fallen out of the NL West race before the end of April, there should be no reason for FOX to shift their schedule. The St. Louis Cardinals, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cincinnati Reds should all be battling for spots in the postseason.

Also, Ubaldo Jimenez should also be a huge draw if he pitches in any of these games. The announcers can marvel that the Rockies actually have a pitcher who can pitch. Oh, joy. . . .

Will ESPN include the Rockies on their Sunday/Monday/Wednesday night schedules?