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Colorado Rockies, Carlos Gonzalez Reach Agreement On Seven Year, $80 Million Contract

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Multiple reports are suggesting that the Colorado Rockies have signed a multi-year deal with budding superstar outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, valued at $80 million for the next seven years.

Via Carlos Gonzalez's media company:

You are right RT @TroyRenck Would be for 7 yr 80 million range RT @CarGoMedia5: CarGo this week will travel to Denver...less than a minute ago via web


This deal would is a stunning development for the Colorado Rockies organization, as an extension with Gonzalez seemed nearly impossible during last season due to the influence of his agent Scott Boras. Boras is notorious for bringing his clients to free agency instead of signing extensions.With this move, Colorado is declaring their intention towards long-term contention by keeping a young and talented core of players together, especially when combined with the extension of Troy Tulowitzki's contract through 2020 and the signing of Jorge De La Rosa for at least the next two seasons.

The Colorado Rockies have now locked up two of the top five players in the 2010 NL MVP voting through at least the 2018 season. The next player the Rockies will look to sign long-term is ace pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez, but, as Troy Renck tweets, that likely won't happen until after the 2011 season.

This deal will become official when Gonzalez lands in Denver, potentially this Wednesday, Jan. 5.