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Report: Rockies, Ian Stewart Avoid Arbitration

According to a report from MLB Trade Rumors, the Colorado Rockies and third baseman Ian Stewart have reached a new contract agreement to avoid arbitration. Details are not yet know.

With this signing, the Rockies have successfully avoided going to an arbitration hearing with any of their five eligible players. The others were pitchers Matt Belisle, Jason Hammel, Matt Lindstrom and Felipe Paulino.

Stewart hit .256/.338/.443 with 18 homers in 2010. However, he had 25 home runs in 2009, experiencing a dip in power in 2010. He will enter the season as the team's third baseman, though the Rockies have brought in several players who can play the position: Joe Crede (returning from back injury), Jose Lopez (expected front-runner at second base) and Ty Wigginton (versatility in the infield and outfield).

[UPDATE] Troy Renck reports that Stewart's agreement is a one-year agreement for $2.2875 million. Incentives include $12,500 for 502 plate appearances and $25,000 each if he reaches 550 and 600.

Dan Lucero recently examined Ian Stewart's current situation with the Rockies.

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