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Colorado Rockies Sign Joe Crede To Minor League Deal

The Colorado Rockies continue to add infield depth, signing former Chicago White Sox third baseman Joe Crede to a minor league deal with an invite to training camp.

Crede is widely regarded as an excellent fielding third baseman (rating at 45.9 runs above average the past four seasons) but doesn’t bring much potential with his bat. In 2009, his last season in the major leagues, Crede hit .225/.289/.414 with 15 homeruns in Minnesota.

Crede missed the entire 2010 season while suffering a myriad of shoulder and back injuries, but appears ready to make a comeback with Colorado. He will be given the chance to fight for a roster spot in spring training, along with other infield invitees such as Jonathan Herrera, Mike Jacobs, and Jason Giambi.