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Colorado Rockies Will Have New Bar Inside Coors Field

The Colorado Rockies and Familia Camarena Tequila have signed a three-year deal to place a bar inside Coors Field, reports the Denver Business Journal. The bar will be placed in right-center field, sections 201 and 202. It will have a capacity of 106 people, 10 televisions and table seating. The area originally had 120 seats and a concession stand.

Fifty people will be able to stand in the bar, too. Season tickets will be sold in the area so fans should have plenty of space to relax in.

As a commenter at Purple Row remarks:

I bet the line for that is gonna get awfully long when Frankie Mo comes into the game.

Ooh, boy. Who knows how many times that will be in 2011? The bar might run out of alcohol by the time they serve everyone. Or, as it happens enough, Morales' appearance could sour fast and be finished before anyone even gets the attention of the bartender.

Other upgrades will be made to Coors Field by the time the season starts on April 1.