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Ty Wigginton Signs Two Year, $7.5 Million Deal With Colorado

Free agent target Ty Wigginton has officially signed a two year contract with the Colorado Rockies. Jim Armstrong of the Denver Post has the details.

Wigginton's Rox deal: $7.5 over 2, with a club option in '13 that includes 500G buyoutless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

The two year deal is for $7.5 million, and includes a club option for 2013. Wigginton, 33, would be 35 years old when the guaranteed contract expires, giving the Rockies some flexibility in the future. If they decide to decline his option after the 2012 season, Wigginton would receive a $500,000 buyout.

Wigginton appears to be the right handed bat off the bench that the Rockies have been targeting all offseason. By signing him to a two-year deal, Colorado can now finish with their acquisitions. They have been linked to multiple relievers and still need to acquire a backup catcher.