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FSN Rocky Mountain To Become 'Root Sports' In Spring 2011

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Sports fans in Colorado will find a new but old channel on their lineups this spring when FSN Rocky Mountain re-brands itself as Root Sports. According to, this move has been under development for over a year. This move will change two other FSN networks that DirecTV Sports Networks own in the Northwest and in Pittsburgh. Those two will also emerge as Root Sports.


FSN Utah is included as part of FSN Rocky Mountain and will also become Root Sports.


According to the report, DirecTV Sports Networks believed it was time for these networks to create their own image. The FSN stations had previously been under News Corp. control, but that partnership ended several years ago.


This will not change any team coverage, so Colorado Rockies fans, CU Buffs fans and DU fans can continue to enjoy watching their teams play on the new Root Sports. Now let's see how long it takes for everyone to not slip and call the station by its new name once the change happens.