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Kyle Parker Vs. Russell Wilson: Rockies Prospects To Have Saturday Showdown On Gridiron

As we've mentioned previously here, the Rockies drafted two college football players in the 2010 draft: Kyle Parker of the Clemson Tigers and Russell Wilson of the NC State Wolfpack. Tomorrow at noon ET, No. 25 North Carolina State takes on the Clemson Tigers. The game will be available on and ESPN Gameplan for anyone who wants to watch these future Rockies on the gridiron.

The Denver Post's John Henderson has a great write-up on these two quarterbacks, which gives you a sense of where these two prospects are right now. Both are expected to play for the Asheville Tourists in 2011, the Rockies Low-A affiliate, but Parker is speculated to leave football after this season. Russell Wilson, maybe not.

Wilson discussed it [playing both sports] with Brian Jordan, who played defensive back for the Atlanta Falcons and starred with the Atlanta Braves.

"He told me to go after it," Wilson said. "He said the best thing for me to do is to never let someone tell you no."

All the more power to Wilson to do this, but his listed height (5-foot-11) will hold him back from being a legitimate quarterback in the NFL. Wilson, a redshirt junior, has one year of eligibility left after the 2010 season.

Just like Bill Schmidt, the Rockies' scouting director, fans of Clemson, Rockies fans will be keeping their hands over their eyes just in case either player take a monstrous hit, which Parker already experienced earlier this season against Auburn.

Baseball will be a less unruly sport for both Parker and Wilson.