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De La Rosa Contract Details Emerging

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Colorado Rockies and Jorge De La Rosa are very close to agreeing to a 3 year deal worth $32-$33 million.

Source: #Rockies pick up Tulo $15M option, add 6-yr, $119M ext. 10-yr. total thru '20 will be $157.75M. De La Rosa 3-yr deal $32M-$33M. #MLBless than a minute ago via web

If this report is accurate, the Colorado Rockies may have snagged one of the top remaining free agent pitchers left on the market --aside from Cliff Lee-- for approximately $11 million per year, a bargain provided he stays healthy.

De La Rosa had received four year offers from several other teams, but decided to take fewer guaranteed years (and likely less money) to pitch in Colorado. He has made his desire to continue working with Rockies pitching coach Bob Apodaca a well known fact, and the money in this contract backs up these statements.

With De La Rosa all but officially under contract, the Rockies 2011 rotation appears set.