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More Questions Arise Over Colorado Rockies' Humidor

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In September, the San Francisco Giants had asked Major League Baseball to look into what happens to balls after they are taken out of the humidor at Coors Field. A Colorado Rockies employee takes the balls out of the humidor and then heads to the dugout to drop them off. Or at least that's what any fan should believe. However, the San Francisco Giants believed it was possible the Rockies were using non-humidor balls to increase the chances of getting runs late in the game.


Now, an unnamed National League team has followed up the Giants' inquiry into the humidor, reports Troy Renck. I'm all for transparency on using the humidor, but these delusions on how the Rockies insidiously use non-humidor balls are hard to believe. Why? Because the Rockies having bigger problems winning on the road--as in, being bad on the road for 17 out of 18 seasons.


And let's remember that as recently as three years ago, there was discussion of every major league team having balls stored in a humidor. If that were true, every team better have cameras placed in the hallways from the humidor to the dugout. You know, just to be on the safe side.