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Rockies Cut Reliever Manuel Corpas

In a surprising move, Troy Renck of the Denver Post has reported that the Colorado Rockies have cut reliever Manuel Corpas. Corpas signed a four year, $8.025 million deal shortly after he helped anchor the Colorado bullpen during the Rockies’ pennant run in 2007.

Ever since signing that contract, Corpas’ career has been a disappointment. After losing the closer job in the beginning of 2008, and suffering through elbow injuries in 2009, Corpas became the long man in the Rockies’ bullpen during the 2010 season. He performed admirably the first two months of the season, even filling in as closer when Huston Street was unable to pitch, but fatigue caught up to him. Corpas was put on the 60-Day Disabled List and eventually underwent Tommy John surgery.

By cutting him, the Colorado front office has guaranteed they will eat the remaining $3.75 million left on his contract. Corpas is now a free agent and can sign with any team, though he is still recovering from surgery and is unlikely to pitch before fall 2011.

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