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Clint Barmes Battling Uncertain Future

When Rockies second baseman Clint Barmes flied out to left field during the eighth inning of yesterday's game, Rockies fans may have seen the end of him in a Rockies uniform. In the middle of August, Barmes lost his starting job to Eric Young Jr. Add in Johnny Herrera and prospect Chris Nelson, it would appear that Clint Barmes has lost any chance at being part of the 2011 Rockies.

Many Rockies fans will say this is a good thing because all Barmes knew how to do was hit pop-ups and slip on some venison. But the Rockies' front office apparently does not feel that way. There is some momentum to bring back Barmes under certain circumstances.

Recently, general manager Dan O'Dowd told Barmes that he's welcome to return if an everyday gig becomes unavailable to him. But Barmes has bigger concerns on his mind as the offseason begins for him, both good and bad:

"There are a lot of things that have not made this year easy," Barmes said. "I feel like I could sit here and ramble on for a long time, but I'm not going to do that. I'm excited about having a daughter, so I can't say it's been that bad a year."

Barmes' wife, Summer, is expected to deliver the couple's second child, a daughter named Whitney Jane, on Sunday. Meanwhile, in Indiana, Barmes' father is engaged in the fight of his life with lung cancer.

Baseball players are human, just like us (unless you believe The X-Files and believe all the great ones are aliens). They have children and parents.They have everyday problems--we just don't know about them all too often.

Best of luck to Barmes in whatever he does in the coming months.