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Colorado Rockies' Carlos Gonzalez Wins MLB Player Of The Year Award

The Colorado RockiesCarlos Gonzalez won the MLB Player of the Year Award, an honor voted on by major league players. Gonzalez has now won three awards this past week, having earned the National League’s Most Outstanding Player Award and the Luis Aparicio Award.

Carlos Gonzalez was in a Triple Crown race with the St. Louis CardinalsAlbert Pujols and the Cincinnati RedsJoey Votto, but Gonzalez ultimately fell short. He led the National League with a .336 average and had a final line of .336/.376/.598. His 197 hits led the National League, 34 home runs placed him seventh in the majors and his 117 RBI were good for fifth in all of baseball.

In November, we’ll learn how much support he had in National League MVP voting. It will be a close vote between Gonzalez, Votto and Pujols. Given the perception of Coors Field among the media, Gonzalez appears to be penalized for that. Joey Votto is likely to take first place in that voting.