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Jorge De La Rosa To Enter Free Agency, Rockies Still Interested

It appears as though the Colorado Rockies will be unable to sign Jorge De La Rosa before the start of free agency in November. Via the Denver Post:

The Rockies will not be re-signing Jorge De La Rosa before he becomes a free agent. But they remain poised to make an aggressive multiyear bid for the left-hander, and could be helped by De La Rosa landing Type-A status Monday.

Type-A free agent status means the Rockies, provided they offer arbitration, will receive two draft picks if De La Rosa signs with another team. One pick will come in the supplemental first round, which is where extra draft picks are added to the first round.

The second pick depends on where a team has finished and how many other Type-A free agents were signed by that team. Any pick in the first 15 selections is protected and unavailable for compensation. When that happens, the team losing the free agent will receive the signing team’s second-round pick. However, if the signing team has signed multiple Type-A players the compensated team will receive its pick based on the player’s Elias rating.

The paper also indicates that De La Rosa will now seek a four- or five-year deal after seeing Ted Lilly sign a three-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.