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Rapids Vs. Sporting KC: Colorado Faces Kansas City For Right To Make Open Cup Quarterfinals

The Colorado Rapids and Sporting Kansas City will face off in Open Cup play on Tuesday.

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The US Open Cup might be the only silverware that the Colorado Rapids will have a chance to win in the 2012 season, but they'll need to get past Sporting Kansas City to get a shot at the tournament's final three rounds as they head to Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas on Tuesday.

Kansas City and the Rapids are getting mighty used to each other. They played four times last season with two league and two playoff games against each other, and this season they'll be playing two more -- or more if the two teams somehow meet in the MLS Cup final -- including Tuesday's Open Cup match. The teams have seemed to enjoy drawing in recent years, with all but the playoff games where the Rapids were immensely injured ending in draws in the past two years.

There are injuries on both teams right now, but Colorado has a bunch of players that are right on the edge of health including Jamie Smith and Conor Casey so it's not clear what exactly the roster is going to look like. Since the team is on a long break of league play right now, the only sure thing is that they will be playing the best squad they can put on the pitch.

Both teams won their third round match ups to get to the Round of 16 with the Rapids taking down the Tampa Bay Rowdies 3-1 and Kansas City beating Orlando City SC 3-2. The winner of this game will face either the Michigan Bucks or the Dayton Dutch Lions -- both lower division teams -- in the Quarterfinals and host the winner of that game at their home.

The game will be at Livestrong Sporting Park at 8:30 p.m. ET. The game will be streamed here.

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