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MLS Standings 2012: Colorado Still In 4th In West

The Colorado Rapids are stuck in fourth place in the MLS Western Conference standings, which is as comforting as it is unsettling. If the Rapids stay in fourth for the remainder of the year, they'll face the conference's fifth seed in a one-game showdown for the right to play the conference's first seed in the MLS playoffs. So, for the meantime, it looks like the Rapids have a solid shot at postseason play, but it is likely concerning to the team that they're closer to sixth place, where they would be left out of the postseason, than third, where they wouldn't have to play an elimination game.

Here are the West standings heading into the week:

  1. Real Salt Lake, 29 points
  2. San Jose Earthquakes, 27 points
  3. Seattle Sounders FC, 24 points
  4. Colorado Rapids, 19 points
  5. Vancouver Whitecaps, 19 points
  6. Chivas USA, 15 points
  7. Portland Timbers, 13 points
  8. FC Dallas, 13 points
  9. Los Angeles Galaxy, 11 points

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