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Real Espana Pull Back In The 86th Minute

The Colorado Rapids seemed to be looking to bunker all match long, a strategy that rarely workes through a full game. Predictably, bunkering with the substitutes in didn’t work too well either, with Real Espana finally getting the goal they had been knocking on the door for all match long in the 86th minute.

Midfielder Julio Rodriguez got the tally for Espana as a rouge header skipped to the unmarked #8, who got an easy swat at it with his foot. Stewart Ceus had no chance on the shot.

The Rapids will need to use the squad that they have on the field right now if they want to escape with three points out of Honduras, as they have used all of their subs with Sanna Nyassi coming in during the 80th minute. Right now, a draw would probably still be all right for the depleted and still lacking in talent Rapids.