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Rapids Fans To Try Stadium-Wide Tifo Tonight

Colorado Rapids fans have always been known as a hardcore gang of fans - mostly the guys who hang out in the Supporters Terrace in the Pid Army and Bulldog Supporters Group along with Class VI in section 108 - and a whole gang of 'soccer mom' supporters that you'd think were more at home in the old MLS 1.0 style of 1996.

Rapids fans have slowly been becoming larger in number and more interested in supporting the team rather than simply taking the youth group to a soccer game, and the Rapids supporters groups have decided to use the sold out Fourth of July crowd in order to try the first ever stadium-wide Tifo display and chanting in Dick's Sporting Good's Park's short history.


The entire DSGP crowd will have plaques in the Rapids colors to color the entire stadium along with the usual BSG and PA tifos and the supporters groups will lead a stadium-wide chant of old Rapids standard 'Glory Glory Colorado'. Check it out on ESPN 2 tonight - assuming they'll show some of it of course - if you're not going to be at the game!