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Top Five: Most Watchable Teams In Colorado Right Now

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Let's face it, some of the Colorado teams just don't deserve to be watched at this point. Who are the five teams we should care about?

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We've reached that point in the sports calendar when every team is either playing its season, about to end it, or at least in training camp. With so many sporting events on, there's only so much a viewer can watch. Here are the five teams we should be watching with interest and one team who took a plummet this week in its Fan Confidence Score.

Nosedive of the Week

Colorado Rockies
Last Week's Fan Confidence Score: 73
This Week's Confidence Score: 36

This drop in confidence mostly reflects how fans feel right now, just days after the Rockies eliminated themselves from the playoffs with poor play. In their last seven games, the Rockies went 1-6 (and the game they won needed extra innings to happen).

Diehard Rockies fans will continue to watch the team over its final four games of the season, but for most others it will be a wait until next year. Come next spring, it will be all about Ubaldo Jimenez, Carlos Gonzalez, and Troy Tulowitzki leading the Rockies on another tough campaign through the National League.


5. Denver Broncos

Last Week's Fan Confidence Score: 76
This Week's Fan Confidence Score: 65

With a 1-2 team,  Broncos fans can't be all that patient with the team for much longer. When will the running backs be able to run for more than 25 yards? When will this team be able to score in the red zone? Convert third-and-shorts?

The Broncos face the Tennessee Titans this week. Titans' running back Chris Johnson is currently fifth in the league for rushing with 301 yards. The Denver Broncos as team have 201 yards, 30th in the league. At least the Denver rushing defense is tenth in the league, having allowed 283 yards in three games. Tennessee's rushing defense is no. 17, so maybe the Broncos will be able to get something going this weekend.

The Broncos need to find that winning touch now because their two games after the Titans are on the road against Baltimore and at home hosting the Jets. It's starting to look like a long season.

4. Air Force Falcons

Last Week's Fan Confidence Score: N/A
This Week's Fan Confidence Score: N/A

Air Force bloggers, we're still looking for you to join the network. Air Force fans are likely feeling good about the team right now, as they have a chance to make the Top 25 polls with a win over fellow service academy, Navy. It's been eight years since the Falcons beat the Midshipmen. The real challenge for this team comes on Oct. 23 when the Falcons go on the road to face TCU.

3. Colorado Rapids

Last Week's Fan Confidence Score: 83
This Week's Fan Confidence Score: 84

The Rapids won a rare mid-week game last night against Philadelphia and have firmly cemented themselves for a spot in the playoffs. While their 41 points are still not enough to secure a spot in the postseason, the Rapids would need to lose all four remaining games to miss out on soccer in November.

2. Denver Nuggets

Last Week's Fan Confidence Score: 44
This Week's Fan Confidence Score: 47

Yes, the Melodrama continues. Yes, it's a distraction. But until Carmelo Anthony fails to appear on a court wearing a Nuggets jersey, this team is going to have great watch-ability. Throw in Chauncey Billups and J.R. Smith, we'll forget about all the doom and gloom surrounding Melo's eventual departure. At least for a time.

1. Colorado Avalanche

Last Week's Fan Confidence Score: 81
This Week's Fan Confidence Score: 71

Soon enough all those high confidence scores the Avs have received will be put to this test. It's already taken a bit of a hit this past week as Peter Mueller is out indefinitely with a concussion and are 2-3 in five preseason games. But with Matt Duchene, Chris Stewart, Paul Stastny, and goalie Craig Anderson, this team will be filled with spectacular goals and amazing saves.