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Colorado Power Rankings: Colorado Rapids Reign Supreme After MLS Cup Victory

The Colorado Rapids remain atop the power rankings while the Denver Broncos are close to cementing their last place finish in the rankings (as well as in the AFC West).

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The Colorado Power Rankings are back after a Thanksgiving Week hiatus. In that time, we've had several huge stories break. The Rockies signed a couple of players to long-term deals and the Colorado Rapids have won an MLS championship. It's good at the top, but the Broncos are by far and away sinking without any signs of pulling themselves up just yet.

8. Denver Broncos

Fan Confidence Score: 39
Previous CPR Ranking: 6

Illegal filming incident by a Denver Broncos employee. Broncos lose to the Rams and fall to 3-8. This team just doesn't have it this season. How long will Josh McDaniels last? A few wins over the last weeks of the season will go a long way for his future in Denver.

7. Colorado State Rams

Previous CPR Ranking: 8

The season has been over for the Rams for a couple of weeks. Rams fans breathe a sigh of relief.

6. Colorado Buffaloes

Fan Confidence Score: 65
Previous CPR Ranking: 7

The Colorado Buffaloes are close to hiring a new head coach. With the football season over, it's time to prepare for the move to the Pac-12. Meanwhile, the basketball team is 3-3 and play Oregon State on Saturday, Dec. 4. Alec Burks averages 20.7 points and Cory Higgins 18.5. Time for the Buffs to take off.

5. Colorado Avalanche

Fan Confidence Score: 72
Previous CPR Ranking: 2

This is the biggest drop in the rankings, but the Avalanche are still hanging in there. They are 3-3 since the last Colorado Power Rankings came out two week ago. Just as soon as he returned from injury, goalie Craig Anderson injured his groin. He is expected to play tonight against Carolina. The Avalanche have made a flurry of roster transactions to help bolster the team while it deals with injuries.

Still, the Avalanche (28 points) are only a point behind the Northwest division-leading Vancouver Canucks.

4. Air Force

Previous CPR Ranking: 4

Air Force is going to the Independence Bowl and will face an ACC team, likely Clemson (where the Colorado Rockies' Kyle Parker is the quarterback). At least one Colorado school is going bowling. . . .

3. Denver Nuggets

Fan Confidence Score: 75
Previous CPR Ranking: 3

When we last saw them in this column, the Nuggets had just defeated the New York Knicks. They then went and lost to the Portland Trail Blazers. But then they reeled off five-straight wins. Carmelo Anthony had a 39-point game against the Golden State Warriors, hit the game-winning shot against the Chicago Bulls, missed all but two minutes against the Phoenix Suns and then was ejected in a game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Nuggets are 11-6, 3rd place in the Northwest division.

2. Colorado Rockies

Fan Confidence Score: 85
Previous CPR Ranking: 5

Sign Troy Tulowitzki to a long-term extension that makes him a Rockie for life? Check. Bring Jorge De La Rosa back to the Rockies after it seemed all but assured he would move elsewhere? Done. Try to discuss a deal with Scott Boras to sign Carlos Gonzalez to a long-term deal? Sort of.

Rockies fans are feeling pretty good about this team. Check out Purple Row for more fan discussion on these moves.

1. Colorado Rapids

Fan Confidence Score: 65
Previous CPR Ranking: 1

The Colorado Rapids won their first MLS Cup championship almost two weeks ago and are the top team in Colorado. Period. The Avalanche or the Nuggets will need to go on a long winning streaks to unseat the Rapids. Even the Rockies signing Troy Tulowitzki to a mega-deal can't unseat a national championship.

However, I am a bit perplexed over the drop in the Rapids' Fan Confidence score. It reached 100 in the week after Rapids won the championship, but then it takes a 35-point dip? The Rapids didn't lose anyone major in the expansion draft and may have improved themselves after it was done. Also, Omar Cummings will remain with the Rapids.