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Mac Kandji Revelaed To Have Suffered ACL Tear In The Final

While looking for heroics and making a great play happen to lead to an eventual own goal by Dallas defender George John, Macoumba Kandji went to the ground unable to stand and celebrate. In fact, he was so bad that he was forced to roll to the sidelines unable to even hobble. After the game it was revealed that the hard tackle from Ugo Ihelmu as the shot went from Kandji’s foot resulted in an ACL tear. You can see Kandji’s knee bend the wrong way on the play, not for the squeamish.

ACL surgery usually involves a 6-9 month recovery time – although athletes are usually in better shape and equipped with better trainers and physicians than the average Joe tearing his ACL on the streets – which could mean he may miss the beginning of the next season. The only thing we know for sure is that he will no doubt be on the roster next season as he was protected by the Rapids from the expansion draft and is most likely being groomed to be our speedy outside forward of the future if Omar Cummings jumps ship or retires.

Best wishes to Mac and to a speedy recovery for the man.