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Rapids Vs. Dallas: David Ferreira Gives Dallas 1-0 Lead At Halftime

The Colorado Rapids are down 0-1 at halftime against FC Dallas. David Ferreira, MLS MVP, scored in the 34th minute for Dallas. However, there is some controversy over a non-call made by the referees on a series of plays involving the Rapids’ Conor Casey. Casey got into a bit of shoving with two Dallas players and when he broke through the defenders Dallas’ Jair Benitez appeared to take Casey out on a slide. The referee did not call a penalty on the incident. Upon replay, it was evident Benitez took Casey out with a swipe at his shin.

Casey was involved in a head-to-head collision with Dallas’ George John later in the half, but both players recovered and finished out the half.

Colorado’s Anthony Wallace received a yellow card in the 41st minute.

The Rapids have attempted three shots and one was on goal, while Dallas has made five shots, three on goal.