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Colorado Power Rankings: Colorado Rapids Aim To Make Push In Playoffs

The Colorado Rapids jump to the top of Colorado sports team this week. Going deep into the playoffs will increase their brand in Colorado and across the MLS.

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With few exceptions, it was a down week for Colorado sports. Humiliating losses, blowout losses and major injuries beset Colorado over the past week. However, the Nuggets' season opener and the Rapids' playoff game redeemed the week. Here's how the teams rank this week:

t8. Denver Broncos, Colorado Buffaloes, Colorado State Rams

Broncos Fan Confidence Score: 43
Buffaloes Fan Confidence Score: 20

In 22 combined games, these three teams have seven total wins. If I could rank any of these teams lower, the Broncos would be so far off the beaten path it would take a thousand miles just to find that path. That's how bad the loss to the Raiders was. The Buffaloes were unable to hold off a Texas Tech team resurgent in the second half of the game. The Rams were unable to even hold their own against the Utah Utes. Sad times to be a fan of Colorado football teams.

5. Colorado Rockies

Fan Confidence Score: 68

This tells everyone something when the team not playing jumps above two college football teams and one professional football team. The Colorado Buffaloes basketball team could have been placed here (especially after reading Nate Timmons' season preview), but they'll appear in November when their season starts.

Carlos Gonzalez did win the National League's Most Outstanding Player Award, as voted on by the players. However, there is more alarming news regarding the Rockies' pursuit of pitching. Jorge De La Rosa is looking for a four- or five-year deal after Ted Lilly signed a three-year, $33 million contract. De La Rosa my have priced himself out of the Rockies' range, but he is a Type A free agent. The Rockies would receive two draft picks as compensation if he signs elsewhere.

4. Air Force

Despite a loss to TCU, the Air Force Falcons are still the best football team in Colorado. Air Force plays Utah this weekend, and the two teams always play close contests. Air Force can send Utah to its first defeat and make the upcoming TCU-Utah game less important in the BCS standings.

3. Colorado Avalanche

Fan Confidence Score: 62

Craig Anderson is out indefinitely after hurting himself during warmups earlier in the week. Peter Budaj hasn't looked great in goal (see last night's 6-5 victory over the Flames). John-Michael Liles' point streak has ended, but we all know it had to end at one point. Major congratulations to Chris Stewart for his second career hat trick.

2. Denver Nuggets

Fan Confidence Score: 70

The Nuggets started the season off well by blowing out the Utah Jazz, 110-88. Though Carmelo Anthony continues to want out of Denver, we are seeing Arron Afflalo turn into a solid contributor who would take on a much larger role should Anthony be traded during the season. Shelden Williams looks to be a decent starter while Kenyon Martin makes his way back from injury.

1. Colorado Rapids

Fan Confidence Score: 80

Playoffs, baby! The Rapids defeated the Columbus Crew, 1-0, Thursday night in their first playoff game in four seasons. Keep it rolling in Columbus on Nov. 6, Rapids.