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Mike MacIntyre will reportedly bring San Jose State offensive coordinator to Colorado

Mike MacIntyre is reportedly going to bring Brian Lundgren, his offensive coordinator at San Jose State, over to Colorado.

Stephen Dunn

The Colorado Buffaloes finally found the football head coach they had been looking for on Monday when they signed Mike MacIntyre from San Jose State to take over Jon Embree's old position. That might not be their final personnel hire from the Spartans, as there is now a rumor that they will be bringing in Brian Lindgren to take over as offensive coordinator.

Lindgren was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Spartans during the 2012 season under MacIntyre. Before joining San Jose State, Lindgren spent four seasons with the Northern Arizona State Lumberjacks, where he helped to establish one of the best passing attacks in the FCS in 2009 and 2011.

He would replace Embree's OC Eric Bieniemy, whose offense put up staggeringly bad numbers through the 2012 season.