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Jon Embree fired: Coaches 'never found identity' needed to succeed, says Jon Major

Colorado Buffaloes senior linebacker Jon Major told the Denver Post that the Buffaloes never found an identity under former head coach Jon Embree.


The Colorado Buffaloes stunned the collegiate world on Sunday, when they relieved head coach Jon Embree of his duties after just two seasons at the helm.

Colorado senior linebacker Jon Major offered some insight to the Denver Post regarding Embree's abrupt firing.

"You can't say they didn't have effort, that they didn't put in the long hours and all the things a coach needs to do to be successful. They just never found the identity that stuck with the type of players we had and the type of conference we were in to be successful. It was tough on them being young and really raised on the pro-style, West Coast offense. It's a different game than it used to be."

Prior to accepting the head coaching position with Colorado, Embree spent the 2010 season as the tight end coach for the Washington Redskins, and served as the tight end coach for the Kansas City Chiefs between 2006-2008. Embree himself was a tight end for the Buffaloes between 1983-1986, and had a brief, two-year career with the Los Angeles Rams as a tight end between 1987-1988.

Given Embree's background, it's not a huge shock that his offense was a pro-style offense.

Still, Embree was given just two years to turn around a program already in shambles. Embree's career at Colorado ends with a 4-21 record, including a 3-15 conference record.