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Jon Embree fired: 'Life ain't fair,' former Colorado coach says

Former Colorado Buffaloes head coach Jon Embree isn't pleased about being fired -- and believes that African-American head coaches are hired to bad jobs, and not given enough time to fix them.

Doug Pensinger

Former Colorado Buffaloes head coach Jon Embree naturally isn't too pleased about being fired.

Embree, though, took things one step further on Sunday. After learning that he had been fired, Embree told The Denver Post that African-American coaches are often hired to "bad jobs" and aren't given enough time to fix them.

"I mentioned that to Mike," Embree said. "You know we don't get opportunities. At the end of the day, you get fired and that's it, right, wrong or indifferent. (Former Notre Dame coach) Tyrone Willingham was the only one who got fired and got hired again. We get bad jobs and no time to fix it."

Embree went just 4-21 as head coach of the Buffaloes, but was only given two years to turn around a program that hadn't finished with a winning record since the 2005 season, and hadn't received a bowl bid since the 2007 season.

As The Denver Post points out, Embree was one of just 14 African-American head coaches in college football.

Before serving as Colorado's head coach for two seasons, Embree spent time in the NFL, as the tight ends coach of the Kansas City Chiefs (2006-08) and Washington Redskins (2010). Before that, Embree was the assistant head coach at UCLA, as well as the wide receivers, tight ends, and passing coach.

Embree inked a five-year contract with Colorado before the 2011 season, but was only given two years to fix a program in shambles.