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Colorado football could move to spread offense in 2013

After his team sunk to rock bottom in 2012, Jon Embree is ready to embrace a different style of offense.

Jamie Sabau

After starting his career at Colorado with a 4-20 cumulative record, second-year head coach Jon Embree is ready to switch things up.

He's gotten a pass due to the state Dan Hawkins left the program in, but you have to think that if he doesn't start moving the Buffs back to respectability in 2013, his job will be in jeopardy.

In a conversation with John Henderson of the Denver Post, Embree hinted at changing his offensive philosophy from a pro-style offense to a spread.

As a former NFL coordinator, Embree tried to install a power-running game when he came to Boulder, but he just hasn't had the personnel to make it successful in the Pac-12.

The spread, which has gone from a novelty a decade ago to the hottest offense in the sport, offers schools the chance to overcome talent deficiencies by playing more in space.

In the last few years, from Chip Kelly at Oregon to Mike Leach at Washington State and Rich Rodriguez at Arizona, Pac-12 schools have been embracing the philosophy, but each of those coaches runs his own distinct variation of the offense.

The specifics of what Embree wants to do are still unknown, but he doesn't have much time left in Boulder to figure something out.