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Colorado athletic facilities won't be influenced by CSU's plans

With feasibility studies under way, Colorado isn't set to change course based on Colorado State's upgrades.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Colorado president Bruce Benson says he has not heard from many Buffaloes fans regarding the need for facilities upgrades in the wake of Colorado State's announcement to pursue a $250 million on-campus stadium, as reported by Kyle Ringo of

According to Ringo, a feasibility study is currently under way to examine Folsom Field upgrades, including a new practice facility, enclosing the north end of the stadium, and building a new press box. Estimates say the list of upgrades being considered would likely total $220 million.

The article points out that Colorado has received individual donations of $1 million or more less than 10 times in school history, making the prospect of raising $220 million a large task. Benson would not say if the school would invest Pac-12 television money into Folsom Field renovations if fundraising fell short. But he said he would like to do upgrades:

"I have no problems doing the upgrades if the money is there," Benson said. "Sure, I want everything upgraded. We've been building great academic buildings. ...I think we're doing some really good things on the campus."

Benson also mentioned the "big hill to climb" for Colorado State's project, stating he knows from talks with Rams president Tony Frank that CSU needs to raise $125 million in two years.