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Colorado will expand football recruiting staff

The Buffaloes will boost their recruiting staff support, lightening the load on coach Jon Embree in the process.

Doug Pensinger

Mired in a difficult season of football, the Colorado Buffaloes announced their attempt to make things easier on coach Jon Embree by adding more members to their recruiting staff, according to a report by John Henderson of The Denver Post on Thursday.

The new additions, which would come as soon as next spring, according to the article, would focus on prospect identification and evaluation, giving Embree more time to focus on the on-field product.

"It'd be huge," Embree said of the staff additions in the report. "Right now, all the legwork and all that we're doing now takes away from all the other stuff we should be doing from an X and O standpoint, or anything else. Things like transcripts, all that stuff."

No coaches currently on staff would be replaced nor would the new hires impact Colorado's number of coaches recruiting at a given time in relation to the limit set by the NCAA, athletic director Mike Bohn, along with Embree, confirmed in the report.

The Buffaloes (1-6, 1-3 in the Pac-12) visit the undefeated Oregon Ducks on Saturday afternoon.