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Colorado vs. USC 2012: Buffs fans find positives in rough loss

The USC Trojans were expected to make quick work of the Colorado Buffaloes on Saturday, and they did just that on their way to a 50-6 win in Los Angeles. SB Nation's Colorado blog, The Ralphie Report, knew what was coming, and chose to find some positives in an otherwise bad day:

As hard as it is to say, the Buffs did a lot of things right today. There were flashes from the young guys, Christian Powell, Gerald Thomas, Vincent Hobbs, that showed that they may be starting to turn the corner. But there is no way that this Colorado team was going to lose the turnover battle and win this game. Six turnovers later, that turned out to be true.

Turnovers were the story of the day for Colorado, as they were only able to get six points out of 351 yards of offense against a good USC defense:

The Buffaloes had their best called offensive game of the entire season; by a long shot. But numerous long, successful drives were undone thanks to awful, awful turnovers. Colorado turned the ball over a whopping six times, three picks, three fumbles. Many of those came in the Trojan red zone.

Still, things won't get any easier for the Buffs next week. They face the No. 3 Oregon Ducks on Saturday and that has the potential to be another blowout loss. The Ducks dominated the Arizona State Sun Devils on Thursday, and the Devils embarrassed Colorado a few weeks ago, 51-17.

The team's second victory of the season doesn't look like it will come any time soon.