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Colorado vs. USC: Jon Embree praises Matt Barkley, 'glad' he's graduating

The CU defense ready to play a 'basic' offense, even if it is USC

Justin Edmonds

The Colorado Buffaloes visit USC this Saturday. The Trojans are favored by 40 points, yet Colorado defenders are anticipating this game - getting to play a basic pro-style offense is a rarity in today's college game.

"We can finally be in a base defense with bigger guys and I can go back and play safety," junior safety Parker Orms says. Orms and Ray Polk will play this week, two veteran CU defenders who missed 2011's USC game, a 42-17 loss in Boulder.

USC (5-1, 3-1 Pac-12) isn't quite tearing up defenses like preseason pundits expected. The Trojans are 48th nationwide in scoring offense and average a mere 27.5 points per game in Pac-12 play. With probable top-10 pick Matt Barkley at quarterback and receivers Robert Wood and Marqise Gray, USC is still a fearsome machine with the ball.

Colorado coach Jon Embree will be happy to see Barkley get drafted, as he told the Boulder Daily Camera. "He has some swagger about him that (Andrew) Luck had," Embree says. "I am glad this is it. I am glad he is leaving, has to now."