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Colorado vs. USC: Game will be recruiting tool for Buffs

Head coach Jon Embree plans on using Saturday's game against USC as a showcase to California recruits.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Colorado Buffaloes coach Jon Embree knows Saturday's game against No. 11 USC in Los Angeles will be a great opportunity to recruit some of the players that might slip through the Trojans' fingers as Embree attempts to rebuild Colorado's program. An upset over the 41-point favorite Trojans isn't likely, but a good showing would at least do some good in the eyes of any players visiting USC over the weekend:

"There's a process; you have to be patient," Embree said. "You've got to get players in who can help you climb that ladder. You have to do a good job of developing players. You have to get some guys that maybe they (USC) don't take, and they may turn out to be better than the guys they do take."

Embree said his team signed 10 California players last season and has a few more in line for the next class, and that part of the advantage of playing in the Pac 12 is the better opportunity to recruit from the country's most fertile football state. But any recruit would have to know that Colorado isn't a quick-fix situation, and that it's going to be a process before the team is a true contender:

"They need to understand there are different things going on within your program and how they fit," Embree said. "They need to understand that we're not instant oatmeal, we're not just adding water and get going. If that's what they're looking for, then this isn't the place for them.

"But if they want to be part of something special and help build something, if they want to get a great education, then they'll continue to want to be a Buff. Those are the things to talk about ..."

Colorado and USC kick off at 5 p.m. MT on Saturday. The game will be televised by the Pac 12 Network.