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Jon Embree: Colorado's offense needs to get on track

Colorado coach wants to give his defense a chance by having the offense stay on the field longer.

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Colorado Buffaloes (1-5) are struggling to keep pace in Pac-12 play after giving up 34, 42 and 51 points in their last three games. The Buffs are 1-2 in those games, thanks to a late-score to win a shootout over Washington State, 35-34.

Despite surrendering so many points, Colorado coach Jon Embree doesn't lay all of the blame on his defense. In fact, he feels his defense hasn't had a fair chance because the offense has not matched the level of play needed to compete in the offensive-minded conference:

"This conference is an offensive conference. "You're going to have to score 30-plus points to have a chance to win. Our defense has given us a chance. (Thursday) night it was 34-17 for a long time and if we can put some pressure on them and do some things offensively, that helps the defense out."

He went on to say that the combination of failing to score and producing too many three-and-outs has led the Buffs' defense into having to do more than needed.

Speaking of offense, Pac-12 play doesn't get any easier for the Buffs with their next three games against ranked opponents USC, Oregon and Stanford.