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Colorado Football 2012: Jon Embree Talks To Fans, Media

Colorado Buffaloes coach Jon Embree met with reporters and fans in a Tuesday press conference, answering questions from both sides on topics mostly dealing with the team's disappointing opening loss to Colorado State.

The press conference was the first of its kind this season. The mixture of questions from fans and the media is an idea that the school feels brings the team's supporters closer to the inside workings of the team.

Embree broached many topics, but what does he want to see the Buffaloes do better this Saturday against Sacramento State?

"Defensively, better tackling; I'd like to see a few more turnovers," he said. "Offensively, we have to run the football, period. We need to be better running the football. That's what I'm looking for from an offensive standpoint, and better with our protection."

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