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Colorado QB Coach: 'Jordan Webb Is Our Quarterback'

The Colorado Buffaloes are 0-3 so far this season and their offense has struggled a lot this year, and typically when the offense struggles the blame goes to the quarterback. Kansas Jayhawk transfer Jordan Webb has started all three games, and even though he was benched for Conor Wood after throwing a pair of interceptions last week.

However, Colorado quarterback coach Rip Scherer told the Denver Post that he still believes in him, and says that Webb is their starting quarterback:

Jordan is our starter, will be our starter (Saturday at Washington State) and will continue to be," Scherer said.

"People misinterpreted this last week," Scherer added. "I tried to explain it. When you've got a lot of guys that haven't played very much, to make it a point early in the game, we're going to put him in for a series. So whoever your No. 2 (quarterback) is, he gets experience under fire. So if he has to play later in the year or at some point in the game, all his duty hasn't been mop-up duty."

Sounds like that Scherer is going to give Wood, as well as other players, some meaningful snaps early in the game. His reasoning makes sense to give players playing time with something on the line. However, with this being a bad Colorado team, that playing time early games could also be used as an evaluation to see if Wood, or any other player can perform well with something on the line.

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