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Kenneth Crawley Sees Ups And Downs In College Debut

Kenneth Crawley, Colorado's proclaimed freshman cornerback, appeared human in his first game with the Buffaloes.

"I left like I could have did better but I was kind of good with myself," he said.

Crawley started for Colorado and ended the game with seven tackles, second most on the team. However, he allowed a key TD pass and fumbled a punt late in the first quarter. Although he was able to recover the football, it put the Colorado's offense in a tight situation.

"I'm thinking touchdown first, but first things first you have to catch the ball and then make a move," Crawley added.

Colorado sent out D.D. Goodson to return on the next CSU punt, however Crawley stated his drop didn't affect the decision.

CU would fall their arch-rival Colorado State 22-17. The Buffs' will host Sacramento State at 1 p.m. next Saturday.

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