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Rocky Mountain Showdown 2012: Blog Reaction To Colorado State's Win

The Colorado St. Rams upset the Colorado Buffaloes Saturday, and it was viewed as a dark day for the Pac-12 member of the intrastate rivalry. The Rams won 22-17, but didn't cede any control in the second half and started what should be a good season in the once-again impressive Mountain West.

For Colorado, hoping to start to gain a foothold in the wide-open middle of the Pac-12 — after USC and Oregon, of course — the loss could be seen as nothing else but a giant step backwards. Here's what CU blog The Ralphie Report had to say after the loss:

Calling this a loss doesn't do it justice. It was devastating. The Rams improved as the game went on, made adjustments, and generally took care of business. The Buffaloes? Not so much. What ensued was a painful 3 quarters of Football (1, 3 & 4), and one quarter of somewhat competent Football. Not a winning combination.

CSU 22 - CU 17. Yech.

The Ralphie Report's David Gerhardt does a good job of breaking down the game on offense, defense and special teams, so the whole post is worth your time.

For more on the Buffaloes, always be sure to visit The Ralphie Report. Rams news can be found, along with everything else on the Mountain West, on Mountain West Connection. And for everything on college football, visit SB Nation's dedicated hub.