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Colorado Vs. Fresno State 2012: Colorado Fans Not Happy After Blowout Loss

The Colorado Buffaloes were terrible on Saturday, losing to the Fresno State Bulldogs in blowout fashion. The game was never close, and there were very few positives to take out of the 69-14 loss.

Colorado was down by 35 after the first quarter, and by the half it was already 55-7. The good folks over at the Ralphie Report reacted after the crushing defeat:

This is a miserable team. They are bad, they show no heart, they play without passion, and no matter who they put out there (and they tried just about everyone), they stink. It's only going to get worse. The team is going backwards instead of forwards and the schedule only gets tougher. I'd love someone, when they're sober, to look up the most points we've given up in a single season. Because I have a feeling we're going to eclipse that. Does Jon Embree step down after this game? Would that even solve anything? Players aren't improving. Nobody is stepping up. Changes aren't being made. This is awful. Just awful. I already talked about how I'm not for Coaching changes midseason, but I also haven't experience a Team that was this terrible.

The Buffaloes will look to rebound on Saturday, Sept 22, as they head to Washington State. The Cougars have started the season 2-1, and Colorado will need to be much improved from Saturday if they hope to win their first game of the season.

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