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Colorado Football 2012: LB Derrick Webb Holds Players-Only Meeting

Following their 0-2 start that including embarrassing losses to Colorado State and Sacramento State, junior linebacker Derrick Webb called together a players-only meeting for the Colorado Buffaloes Monday afternoon, according to John Henderson of the Denver Post.

Here's an excerpt of Webb's reasoning from the Colorado Buffaloes team site:

"Something needs to change in this room. The coaches can give us all the help they want but unless something changes in our attitudes and minds as a team, unless we do something about it ourselves, we're going to find ourselves in a similar situation as last year, where one loss turns to two, two losses turn to a losing streak."

Webb, a special teams stud who totaled 54 tackles last season, said that this meeting wasn't impromptu but in fact was "something I'd been thinking about." It's unclear what he had to say specifically but judging from the players' reactions, he got the point across.

Here's what junior defensive back Parker Orms had to say on the subject:

"The guy just leads by example. He's also vocal. Everyone looks up to him."

Colorado's next game comes on the road this Saturday against a 1-1 Fresno State team that will be looking to bounce back following a 42-25 loss to Oregon.

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