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Colorado Football 2012: Jordan Webb Is A Playmaker And 'Looks Like Brett Favre,' Says Teammate

Thursday, Jordan Webb was named the starting quarterback for the Colorado Buffaloes. By Friday, he was being compared to a legendary Green Bay Packer.

"You've got No. 4 and it looks like Brett Favre out there," Buffs left tackle David Bakhtiari told Ryan Thorburn of the Daily Camera Friday. "He's about like 5'6". No, he's pretty short, but he's making plays." The former Kansas quarterback is not as slight of stature as his teammate suggested -- he is officially listed at 6'1" -- but his less-than-ideal height is not a concern for head coach Jon Embree.

"He's strong, he's tough," Embree said when asked about Webb's size. "He's played in 19 games and been beat up pretty good and seemed to survive that all right. I'm not real overly concerned about that."

Teammates have praised the new signalcaller's knowledge of the playbook, field vision, and throwing accuracy.

"I don't now how he does it, to be honest," Bakhtiari told reporters. "I'm not going to question it. The fact that he does do it is enough for me."

The Colorado Buffaloes open their 2012 season against Colorado State on Saturday, September 1.

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