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Former NFL RB Albert Young To Become Colorado Ast. Coach

XM Radio host and NFL writer Adam Caplan is reporting the Colorado Buffaloes football program will add former Minnesota Vikings backup RB Albert Young to their coaching staff:

And he seems excited by the opportunity:

At the same time, the hiring presents the interesting paradigm of NFL career paths. Many might look at Young's career and say the 27-year-old was a failure. He rushed for 3173 yards with the Iowa Hawkeyes, yes, but he never got a national championship -- never got so much as a No. 5 ranking with Iowa. And in all but his Sophomore year, Young was splitting carries with RB Damian Sims (undrafted).

And then we look at his NFL career -- 10 games where he logged stats. He rushed for 25 attempts and averaged 3.3 yards and never got a touchdown. At age 25, he was a free agent -- unwanted in Minnesota -- and bounced around to the Jacksonville Jaguars and Pittsburgh Steelers before leaving the pro game for good.

But to call his career a failure is to poorly define success. Young spent three years of his life at the highest level of his profession. To be merely a practice squad player in the NFL is to already be the cream of the collegiate crop.

And now that he has entered the coaching ranks -- and at a respected school, no less -- it would be foolish to describe him as much other than a success. He has flourished when given opportunities, and he has blazed new trails when there were none.

So congrats, Albert, on the new gig. We hope you do well.